Orange & Parsley Smoothie

Posted on Nov 11, 2016 in Blog, Drinks

Orange & Parsley Smoothie

This orange & parsley smoothie was a beautiful start to my day.  Light, refreshing and nourishing all at the same time.  The orange is packed full of vitamin C and fibre coupled with parsley which is rich in vitamin C and folate. The beetroot is a good source of folate which is an important fertility nutrient for both male and female.  The lovely salad kale which is basically smaller kale leaves are also oozing antioxidants and is great for providing support for our over-taxed livers.


1 large navel, peeled and quartered
large handful of salad kale or baby spinach
large handful of flat-leaf parsley
2 baby beetroot, peeled
1 scoop of protein powder
250 ml of water
glass of ice (to get your desired consistency)

Simply blend all the fruit and veggies then add the protein powder, water and ice and blitz until you get your desired consistency.  Serve with extra ice.