Getting pregnant

It may seem like the most natural thing in the world but sadly for many couples, getting pregnant isn’t so. It can be a long, challenging and frustrating journey.  It may impact your physical and emotional wellbeing.  It may affect the relationships around you. You may have been told that you are too old or too overweight to conceive.getting pregnant Redlands, trying to get pregnant Redlands, fertility tips Redlands,

  • Or, perhaps you have PCOS or endometriosis.
  • Or your partner’s sperm count is too low.
  • Or, perhaps you are like many other couples with unexplained fertility.

Well, natural therapies have been shown to help couples just like you to fall pregnant. In fact, I was in your shoes many years ago and by cleaning up my diet, supplementing with the many nutrients that I was lacking in and regular reflexology, I went on to have a very healthy baby girl, naturally.

My aim is to help you take the steps to boost your fertility naturally. So, as your health improves, so does the health of both your egg and your partner’s sperm to provide the right starting blocks for a successful pregnancy. So, here’s how I can help.


Your personalized programme will include:

  1. Initial Consultation
    – Health & fertility assessment of both of you.
    – Appraisal of your diets and lifestyle
    – Some initial dietary recommendations
    – Recommendations for further testing if necessary eg: Blood tests, STDs etc. If you’ve already had recent blood tests, then that’s great, just bring a copy of them to your first appointment.
  2. Next Appointment – usually a week later to discuss:
    – Further dietary recommendation
    – Lifestyle recommendations
    – Recommendations for nutritional supplementation (additional cost)
  3. Subsequent follow-up appointments monthly

OPTIONAL course of weekly Reflexology Treatments
Reflexology is an amazing therapy which involves the therapeutic massage of specific points in your feet which stimulate a corresponding area in your body, thus facilitating the healing process and improvement of your chances of falling pregnant.
It’s great for supporting stress, sleep and hormones. You have a weekly treatment for 12-weeks.  Your mate will have weekly treatments to help improve his general health and fertility too. Find out more here.

Ideally both you and your partner will attend the appointments together but don’t worry, we can still help you if your other half can’t (or won’t!) make them.



Contrary to what you may have read, fertility supplements are a great addition to a healthy diet. The time to start taking them is at least 3 months prior to trying to get pregnant, so that your body’s supplies are topped up. The average high-street brand generally doesn’t have therapeutic forms or the right amounts of the key nutrients that you need to boost your fertility so we recommend MyGen Female and MyGen Male.