Alcohol and fertility; when 1 drink is 1 too many.

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 in Lifestyle

Alcohol and fertility; when 1 drink is 1 too many.

I’m going to cut straight to the chase regarding alcohol and fertility as this is just too important an issue to ignore.  There is NO safe limit for drinking alcohol whilst getting your body ready to fall pregnant; this applies to both partners. When you drink alcohol the quality of the female egg AND male sperm as well as your developing baby may be impacted.

There’s heaps of research out there that links alcohol and fertility; in particular low birth weight, facial deformities, mental retardation, sleep disorders, allergy, obesity, depression and a lower IQ by about 7 points in 7-year olds.

It’s not just people who binge drink regularly that need to worry.  “Social drinkers” or those that drink two or more drinks most days or who consume at least 5 drinks on any one occasion in the month prior to conception need to think again.  And what constitutes a drink?  A standard drink use to be 100ml of wine but when was the last time you saw anything smaller than a 200ml wine glass?!

Why should you worry prior to conception?

Well, drinking during the preconception period has been linked to difficulties in conceiving.  Alcohol depletes your stores of nutrients such as zinc or folate which may otherwise be used to help with your fertility.

In women, alcohol can decrease hormone levels, inhibit ovulation and interfere with sperm movement through the fallopian tubes, all of which can have a direct effect on your fertility.  Painful, heavy or irregular periods are also more common in those that drink frequently or heavily.

Alcohol in males can lead to a reduction in semen volume, sperm concentration and motility and lowered testosterone but increased oestrogen.  Makes making healthy babies all the more difficult!

So, to give yourself the healthiest environment for falling pregnant, is it time you quit?