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Hi, I’m Bev, and I love sharing my knowledge and experience that may help you fulfill your dreams of having a healthy baby, using food and natural therapies.

As a naturopathic nutritionist, with over 13 years experience in natural therapies, I have a great understanding of the importance that food and lifestyle has on fertility.

From my own personal infertility journey, I’m familiar with the highs and lows. In my mid-30’s when I was struggling to conceive, my GP told me that to have a baby I would need to have medical intervention as I was getting too old!

Instead, I ditched my toxic diet and lifestyle and switched to a much healthier one using real food and other natural therapies.

It paid off as I went on to have my daughter at the age of 37. With no drugs, no nausea whatsoever and a natural water birth.

I am so excited to be able to share my knowledge with other women just like you, to help you take control of your fertility.

This is what prompted me to write my ebook “Get Pregnant Naturally”.  It’s full of my fertility recipes, tips and tricks that might make a difference to you.

My Qualifications

BHSc Nutritional Medicine (Endeavour College of Natural Health)