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My name is Bev, and I’m here to help you to get pregnant and to take control of your own natural fertility, but first of all I’d love to share a little bit about my own natural fertility journey.

My story

About 17 years ago, like many women, I thought that you come off the pill one month, make love lots and lots and fall pregnant the next month. Well, what a shock I had when it just didn’t happen.

I know many of you reading this will be able to relate to the hope that I felt as we indulged in lots of baby-making activity!  But then the huge, over-powering disappointment that I felt each month as the tell-tale sign of my stomach gurgling indicated that my dream wasn’t about to be fulfilled anytime soon.  No one had told me that trying to get pregnant would be so hard.

After a few months of desperately trying to get pregnant, my husband and I got checked out by the GP. I was told that my hormones were normal, although my prolactin levels were elevated, most possibly due to stress, so to go home and chill-out! I was also told that if I wanted IVF through the medical system, to hurry up though as the cut-off age was 35.

Meanwhile, my husband was devastated by the results of his first sperm analysis as none of his troops were mobile. Mind you, he did “provide” the sample at 5.30am on a freezing February morning in the UK and leave it on the window-sill of an unheated room for a couple of hours or so! Thankfully his second sample was much better! We were then told that we had “unexplained infertility”.  Hmmm…still in the dark!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much info around on the internet back then. So I was pretty chuffed when I stumbled across a magazine article about a natural fertility programme that focused on cleaning up your diet, environment and lifestyle. And because we were determined to have a baby, that’s exactly what we did; we embraced a whole-food diet, cleaned our bodies and home with the most natural products I could lay my hands on and I practiced yoga to calm my mind. I also treated myself to regular reflexology and started to meditate. Oh, and I replaced the weekly couple of bottles of wine with a whole load of nutritional supplements.

It took a while for our bodies to bounce back to good health, but when it did, at the age of 37, I was blessed with a beautiful little girl, Steffi. You could say I was one of the lucky ones – no “morning- sickness” during the pregnancy and no “terrible-twos” with my toddler. Without a doubt in my mind, the natural fertility approach deserved all the credit for both of those things and every day, I am so grateful for that.

Your story

I’d love to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help you fulfill your dreams of having a healthy baby, using natural therapies.

Each fertility programme is individually tailored to suit your needs and fit in with your lifestyle. Sometimes even simple changes can bring about a huge turn-around in your health and help make your body more receptive to conceiving a baby. So what are you waiting for? Call me today!

My Qualifications

BHSc Nutritional Medicine (Endeavour College of Natural Health)
Cert IV Reflexology

I look forward to hearing from you.